wacyl team sponsorship program

Team Sponsors play a vital part in our organization. Each team will need a team sponsor for each sport season. We encourage the many businesses of our community or community members to participate in our sponsorship program.

The primary function of our sponsorship program is to offset the cost of our uniforms. Team Sponsorships are $150 per team and are tax deductible. We proudly display each team sponsor's name or company name on their team's uniform shirts and promote all of our season's sponsors on our website and Facebook page throughout the season. In addition, each sponsor will receive a team plaque with team picture as a keepsake and thank you their participation.

Your support is very much appreciated!


Please use our Team Sponsorship Form below!

To save or print document, click the arrow in the upper right of the form.

Sponsorship Forms and payments may be mailed to WACYL at the address listed on the form.

Thank you for you Support!!

WACYL Sponsorship Form 2021.pdf

Sponsorship question? Please email Jackie at jackiespecht@wacyl.com. Thank you!