Little League Baseball

WACYL community members, between the ages of 9 - 16, that wish to play Little League Baseball, are now required to register in Buena. This basically means WACYL will no longer be able to send pre-established teams to participate in the Buena Little League program. Players from the WACYL community will register in the same manner as all other participants in the Buena LL program and will be drafted onto teams under the guidelines established by Little League International.

We are hopeful that our coaches from the WACYL community will be successful at selecting all of the players from the WACYL community as a means to retain the convenience of players from the WACYL community utilizing the Weymouth Municipal field as their primary practice and home game location.

WACYL will continue to offer T-ball/Coach Pitch/Softball programs to any interested participants that are currently at an age consistent with grade levels Pre-K through 8th.