WACYL Shacks

Our Concession Stands, aka the Snack Shacks, are one of the biggest ways we raise money for our league. The money raised helps to pay for referees/umpires, uniforms and equipment. Parent volunteers are needed to work shifts in the shack during each game. Our league is run solely by volunteers, and helping out in this way helps to keep some of our costs down and keeps everyone involved. Our kids love to see us involved and appreciate it, and we really appreciate everyone coming together to keep this league around for so long for our kids.

Important information for working the Shacks

  • One volunteer from each team is needed to work the shack during each game, unless otherwise noted
  • Each parent/guardian must work at least one game for each child on a team, depending on the size of the team.
  • Parents/Guardians, please look for an email or our website for a link to Signup to pick your date(s).
  • Shack volunteers need to arrive at least 15 minutes before game time to open the shack. Please follow the Opening Procedures, provided below and posted inside the shack, as a guide.
  • Various instructions are posted inside the shack, plus posted below for reference.
  • Please track all game sales using the Game Sales Sheet in the shack.
  • After each game, each team player will get two items from the Shack (restrictions may apply), which are to be recorded separately on the Team Snack Sheet. No money is required for team snacks, as this was included in registration.
  • If you notice any items running low or empty, please leave us a note on the dry erase board.
  • Parent volunteers are expected to clean the shack after the game and restock items for the next game. Please follow the Closing Procedures, paying particular care to cleaning the hot dog, popcorn and pretzel machines before leaving for the night.
  • If for some reason you cannot make your shift, please try to get it covered or let your coach know ASAP if there is a problem.


Opening Procedures.pdf
Closing Procedures.pdf
Hot Dogs.pdf
Popcorn Machine.pdf
Nacho Cheese Cups.pdf
Keurig Coffee Machine.pdf